Selected Exhibitions

June 2018 – juried group show – Halfway Through Another Year – selected “The Traveler” - Awarded Noteworthy - Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery – Online Gallery

May/June 2018 – juried group show –DREAM – selected “Astral Awakening” -  Arc Gallery – San Francisco, CA

April 2007 – solo show – Paintings – Bar Natasha – Kansas City, MO

Valerie Tullos Art<title> <meta name="description" content="Valerie Tullos Art">

Valerie Tullos is a self-taught, abstract painter from the mid-west. She works mainly with acrylic, but also any paint medium that reflects bold, vivid emotions. Valerie has been painting and creating for as long as she remembers. She first approached the act of painting from a place of total freedom, without boundaries, that allowed her to reflect her truth. Since she was a child, she has been fascinated by the fluctuation of human emotions and reflects her own colorful and deep perceptions of life, the human condition, and the mysticism that surrounds the spirituality of humanity through her art. She conveys the echo of love, happiness, pain, and loss through the limitless energy of each piece of work. She has a strong desire to express these emotions and stories that we all feel throughout our lifetime yet go unspoken. Hiding deep beneath the surface of her paintings there is an emerging dimension of a world that lies beyond. 

Artist Biography


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